Monday, April 15, 2013

Java IO vs NIO

Java NIO (New IO) was introduced in JDK 1.4. While Java IO centralizes around Stream/Reader/Writer and uses decorator pattern as its main design, where you have decorate one InputStream type with each other in the right order. The NIO uses Channel/Buffer/Selector.

Read a file using IO

File file =new File("C:\\test\\test.txt");
FileInputStream  fis = new FileInputStream(file);

//decorate BufferedReader with InputStreamReader
BufferedReader d = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(fis));
String line=null;
while((line = d.readLine()) != null){

Read a file using NIO

RandomAccessFile rFile = new RandomAccessFile("C:\\test\\test.txt", "rw");
//get Channel
FileChannel inChannel = rFile.getChannel();
//Intialize byte buffer
ByteBuffer buf = ByteBuffer.allocate(100);
//read data to buffer
 buf.flip(); //flip into read mode


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